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Oh don't get started on the "what if's"! A never ending black hole to fall into that could be!

It would be fun to know if Sue/Gill come up with that opening themselves as a little improvisation arranged with the cameramen or was it part of Flick's choreography for the routine? I suspect the former and it doesn't matter either way but I think it would be nice to know... I guess Sue will know the answer if she cares to answer. Either way it's a fun moment among all the routines... I seem to remember something similar for "Chanson d'Amour" with Sue and Lulu coming up soon. But I wasn't sure if they were really facing each other in that one or if it was camera trickery - again hard to hold a straight face I expect if you are that close to each other and (worst of all) know the camera is rolling! Having had a quick look at it it may be real and the dance is screened behind them - I noticed Lulu was looking slightly to the side of Sue so that may have been a way to cut the giggles.

Just noticed you have a 40th anniversary section I haven't looked at yet. May take a look at that when I get caught up and have a moment... At present I'm trying to get caught up so I can do the 40th anniversary once weekly as I originally planned...