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Re: CHIQUITITA [February]

The Rubberband Man
Set in the archways of a rural Spanish Cortijos, this strikes me as a technically complex dance sequence. The choreography involved in arranging everyone’s movements around the arches must have taken a lot of planning and rehearsing, and so I think a round of applause to Flick is in order. A lot of concentration needed from the girls too, which provokes the serious / sultry look that is undoubtedly very sexy.

The flamenco style dresses are fabulous, and much effort has gone into the hairstyles. Avoiding the Croydon Facelift look is the fabulous Lulu and I like the way the camera picks her out for the “You were always sure of yourself” lines from the lyrics – appropriate enough for the confident young woman that she is.

It would be a 9 but it’s all over a bit too early and the wheels seem to fall off right at the end timing wise, so it’s 8/10

DOTD: No Spanish Inquisition needed to reach the verdict that it’s Lulu.
All bound for Lulu Land