I'M DOIN' FINE NOW -- 17/08/1973

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Hanway2 wrote
Yes, me too. I felt then, and feel now, that if ever my path crossed with Ruth she would have been approachable and happy to talk, if this young upstart could have arranged himself properly to hold a coherent conversation. I did stammer a bit back then, and have never been the most loquacious. But feel sure Ruth would have lent an understanding ear. And probably wouldn't have laughed too much at my proposal of marriage- I was only 14 at the time!
  I was a Ruth person then and I am a Ruth person now, but Louise was always a very close second. I would certainly agree she was the best dancer in early and mid Pan's, and a complete beauty as well. If I had the occasion to speak to Louise, I would not have known what to say or how to say anything. I might as well have been a  gibbering baboon or a tongue-tied buffoon for all the sense I would have made if Louise had asked me anything.
I was always utterly fearless where talking to beautiful ladies was concerned – and still am, given I speak to my Rachel every day 😉

"Faint Heart Never Won Fair Maiden" was my motto...

My 'crash and burn' record, however, was pretty much 100% 🤣