New Year Poem for Sue Menhenick

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New Year Poem for Sue Menhenick

Yes, it's me again with yet another hugely influential work of my poetry.

For Yue, Sue

Oh Suzie, Sue
I think that you
are really very nice.
You're just as spiffing
as Mr Kipling's
lovely bakewell slice.

On Top of the Pops
you were the tops
with your moves so full of grace
and once in a while
that lovely smile
lit up your pretty face.

From Summer Breeze
in the Seventies,
when you first graced our tellys,
to Find My Way Home
in Eighty One
when you beautified Vangellis.

In disco beat
or ballad sweet
you brought to every chance
eight years of joy
for every boy
who ever saw you dance.

But now you see
there is a downside to it,
for you must abide
the endless tide
of "great works" of this poet!

Happy New Year Sue!