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Ruby Flipper monthly polls.

I was reminded over the weekend that i didn't undertake any Ruby Flipper favourite routine polls in the same way as i did the Pans polls earlier this year. If you cast your minds back the Pans polls we did determined our favourite routine from each of their years between 70-76 culminating in a final poll of winners. We got 8 weeks worth of entertainment and chat out of those polls.

So how can i do the same out of a dance troupe that didn't even last six months ? Well i propose making polls on a monthly basis starting with their onset in May 76 and then taking in June, July, August, September, October and ending with a poll of polls to find our favourite. By my reckoning that will give us seven weeks to keep us occupied and take us nicely to coincide with the end of the Ruby Flipper season mid October.

So as before i will launch the polls on a Tuesday evening that will last 3 days ending on Friday evenings. The polls will be blind so the result will not be revealed until the Friday. May 76 will be the start. You will be asked to pick just one routine out of the monthly list.

As before its worth reminding folk that picking a favourite dance routine is very different from picking a routine that you consider the best. I have many favourites from Pans, Ruby & Legs that i know wouldn't be in the top bracket in terms of choreography and skillful deliverance, but they are routines i really enjoy watching. So please vote on that basis, enjoyment first.

I have to say here and now that wouldn't like to predict the outcome of the winner. I have in my head a number of routines that could win this. So i look forward to your participation.