Shut that Door by Kaleidoscope Events - 2nd December 2017

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Re: Shut that Door by Kaleidoscope Events - 2nd December 2017

Everything'sRosie wrote
The Rubberband Man wrote
The Lion and The Thistle compilation was fantastic – lots of shows I’d forgotten about
Do you remember Stookie, RBM? I hadn't heard of it before. Network Video have released a few of these teenage dramas but, unfortunately, not this one. I'm not sure if Stookie was shown across the regions. Looks worth a watch. Tony Currie clearly thought it worthy of inclusion in the compilation, so it must have been popular at the time. There's a short clip on YT. Set in Glasgow by the looks of it as the eponymous hero is wearing a Celtic shirt.
Despite also being far to old to have watched, for some reason the theme tune has always stuck in my head. I just can't think how or thought they were singing 'Stoogie' as well until your post, so it shows how little I know of it other than the tune.
This week, I are be mostly watching Christmas movies already