Videobam playing and downloading Problems

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Videobam playing and downloading Problems

Young Mister Grace
Hi Folks.
I'm sorry so many people are having problems with playing and downloading clips from Videobam.
I starting using them for 3 reasons:

1. They're free (just like yfrog, photobucket, youtube and divshare all of whicjh I've used before)
2. They allow viewres to download clips (so i only have to upload once: a definite plus)
3. They'll serve HTML 5 video to non-flash users (nice for mobile users)


1. Being free is good, but it means I can't really kick up hell with them when their service goes wonky
2. The download service is very flakey: I've had to add Rapidshare links for most clips, which completely negates the only-upload-once advantage).
3. Being platform neutral is nice, by I'd rather have Flash only video that actually works.


I'm switching back to Yfrog for embedded video and rapidshare for downloads. I;m not going to giveup on videonbam completely: they're a very new service, and they do seem to be working on their problems. So I might go back and try them sometime.

Hope this makes life easier for everybody.

You've all done vey well!