Your Fav TOTPs performance of the week 01/01/87

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Re: Your Fav TOTPs performance of the week 01/01/87

 I admit to voting on this poll, but probably should not have as I only saw part of the show. And I was elsewhere over the weekend so was unable to add further comment.
I also hold my hand up as the only person to have voted for Gary Moore and his cod folk song ‘Over The Hills and Far Away’. So really made no difference to the result if I had voted or not, but saved the Belfast Kid from a no point score.
Caught up with the whole show earlier on iplayer, and will be brief in my comments which really amount to, a pleasing average show with some older familiar faces like Status Quo, with an atypical number, and Elkie Brooks, with a late on the scene power ballad.
Fronted by the ever personable Gary Davies, I will only add that I liked Alison Moyet, and the shortened version of the Madonna video. And I can go without A-ha thank you very much, or the Spitting Image song and film.
Reset Petite is a great old song and accompanied by the odd video. Was that something to do with a show about the time hosted by Dave Lee Travis where new videos were created to go with old songs? Cannot remember what the show was called.
Makes no odds whether I voted for Gary Or not in the end, but a nice enough if not spectacular performance.